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IdentiFi: Configure multiple RADIUS servers with same IP but different ports on EWC

IdentiFi: Configure multiple RADIUS servers with same IP but different ports on EWC

New Contributor II
Hi all,

On a C25 EWC (firmware, in "VNS Configuration" -> "Global" -> "Authentication" -> "RADIUS Servers", I tried to configure two server entries with same IP and different ports for both Auth and Acct... and the interface just didn't let me do!

I don't see why this is forbidden as, for instance, FreeRADIUS uses this technique to create different virtual servers that listen to different ports in order to segregate AAA policies. Hence, the interface should only check whether the IP AND ports are identical but allow same IP with different ports.

Do you know whether there is a workaround/fix for this limitation?

New Contributor
Hello i want to configure Radius Server for captive portal different class of IP Address

Contributor III
Not supported the system will not let you use the same IP twice.

New Contributor
Hi Guillaume-Jean Herbiet, I note that you have experience with FreeRadius Authentication, my question is whether you will have any example to authenticate users with the captive portal EWC, using freeradius. The Freeradius, is already configured and ready. He apologizes for the English is not my native language. thanks in advance.

New Contributor II
Hello all,

Just a little update on this case : I requested two different DNS records to be created for the server (one is an "A" record, the second is a "CNAME" pointing to the "A" record).

I then created two RADIUS server entries on the controller each with a different hostname, using the newly created DNS records, and different ports : this just works!

Hence, I really think the check on using same IP for two different RADIUS server entries is just bogus...