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Option 60/43 and ISC DHCP Server

Option 60/43 and ISC DHCP Server

New Contributor II
Hi all,
I'd like to configure Isc Dhcp server (rel. 3.0.5, on a CentOS 5 Linux) to send option 43 with controller's ips to the APs by dhcp.
My environment is with two C5210 in availability mode, with sw. rel.
Does anyone know hot to configure correctly the dhcp server to send option 43 to aps?
I tried several configurations, but the problem is that the ap ask for the option in a INFORM request, but the server does not send it in the response packet.
I've already read and tried configuration suggested from Extreme, but the result is the same.
Thanks for any help


New Contributor II
Ciao Gareth,
thank you for the reply, my mistake was to configure the class out of the subnet declaration.
We have several models of AP in the same subnet, so I've removed the first entry in the class declaration and changed the match entry with:
match if substring(option vendor-class-identifier,0,6) = "HiPath";
So I can include in the class all models of AP. The configuration is as follows:

# In the globlal scope
option space IdentiFi;
option IdentiFi.controllers code 1 = text;

# Inside the subnet scope
class "AP" {
vendor-option-space IdentiFi;
option IdentiFi.controllers ",";
match if substring(option vendor-class-identifier,0,6) = "HiPath";

Thank a lot for your help!


Extreme Employee
Ciao Claudio

It's a while since I set this up, try the following as a base to build from:

General settings:

option space HAP;
option HAP.HWC code 1 = text;

In the scope (subnet)

class "HAP" {
option vendor-class-identifier "HiPath AP3705";
option HAP.HWC "";
match if option vendor-class-identifier = "HiPath AP3705";
vendor-option-space HAP;

The VCI's for each AP are defined in the getting started guide in our documentation.

Option 78 is generally easier to configure: