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Radius Authentication configuring switch x440 as a client in NPS-Windows Server 2008 Enterprise.

Radius Authentication configuring switch x440 as a client in NPS-Windows Server 2008 Enterprise.

New Contributor II
Good afternoon.
I trying to accomplish Radius authentication, configuring switch x440 as a client in NPS-Windows Server 2008 Enterprise.
How should the settings on XOS and the NPS?
We have already used successfully authenticating switches EOS.
I thank the support.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Rede,

Did any intergrator/reseller guide you through? I think it was their responsibility. There is no hi-tech stuff to be harnessed without any guidance, only Rey in Star Wars was that lucky. 😉
If you need any support with those remaining switches please describe your goal and we can work it out together.

Kind regards,

New Contributor
I had the same problem with some new X460G2 running 16.1 but not X450A running 15.3.
I did not have the same problem in my lab which uses freeradius running on a raspberry Pi, So sniffed the traffic with wireshark and saw some vendor specfic stuff in the NPS reply that was not in the freeradius reply. I checked in NPS and it was set to service type admin (6) but it also saw it had vendor specific setting = Radius Standard. I removed this, - so I now have no vendor specific setting and it is good for firmware 15 and 16. It was annoying this behavour change between firmware versions was not documented either in the command guide or concepts guide. I found nothing about using vendor specific values and little about the a windows radius server in these docs. I like freeradius but, it is not easy to setup to force users to change thier own passwords regularly.

New Contributor
same problem here. we used to have 155 enterasys switches that was working perfectly. after extreme buy enterasys we started to change our switches to 450 and 460G2 and that was when our life became a hell! All kind of problems!! Power suply that burns, poor and confusing online documentation, no support for netsight management. We are now going to change our switches to huawei and so far very pleased with our choice. came here because we still have like 20 switches that we need to authenticate by radius and we are going to the 3rd day and so far no success!! All our 100 huawei switches are already authenticating by radius, all done in one day!! A simple image download is EXTREME difficult to get done. You need an account, then you gave to login at theys website, the you find a bunch of versions not organized!
Good slogan for you guys!!

New Contributor
Hello Helio,

On Active directory go to user --> right click on user --> go to property --> go to Dial-in tab --> Check radio button allow access in network access permission section and click on apply and ok.

Hope it will helpful.

Manas Ranjan
+91 9619551266