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Switch Feature: RADIUS Dead

During a current project i learned that cisco supports a great feature that i missed currently (and a long time before) at all EOS and EXOS switches ! Marking a unreachable RADIUS Server as DEAD and skip them at all following Authenication session. ...

M_Nees by Contributor III
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OpenFlow stack configuration

Hi, We have stacked configuration which comprises of X440G2 and X460G2(stack master) switches. we have openflow enabled on them and want to know the openflow flow capacity(number of flows) on a stacked configuration with and without FDB flows enabled...

nac authentication google sign in

Many schools in our area that do not have AD are using Google Domains. Is there a plan/is it possible to use Google to authenticate users for the NAC without additional servers? i.e. a way to point NAC to Google for AAA?

NAC: Change Action Profile of System Rules

Unfortunately i loose the point where i can change the NAC action profile of system rules. How can i change for example - the blacklist rule action profile - here from "quarantine profile" to "reject profile" ? i previous versions there was a gui...

M_Nees by Contributor III
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