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RIght NAC interfaces configuration for DHCP Snooping

RIght NAC interfaces configuration for DHCP Snooping

Hello, everybody,

I had a succesfull experience on bringing PC's OS data to Netsight. (It could be seen in Control >> End systems).

NAC snoops DHCP data in VLAN and (after time-consuming sophisticated configuration) sends it to Netsight. (Where identity-management is also configured).

But it was made for Default VLAN 1 and DHCP server was in the same VLAN.

I want now to configure the same thing but in company where dozens vlan exists and all of them gets IPs by bootp-relay feature from Windows Server.

My question is: what is proper configuration for a NAC interface? Bring all trunks to it?

Please, advice me something correct.

Many thanks in advance, Ilya

Extreme Employee

You should be able to configure the network routers with an additional DHCP helper that is pointed to NAC.

DHCP helper 1 points to real DHCP server
DHCP helper 2 points to NAC

The Router should send the DHCP discover/request packets to both the real windows DHCP server and the NAC appliance to perform DHCP snooping.


Hi, Ryan, I did as you'd said and it works perfectly well. Many thanks to you!

Thanks, I will try to do that.