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9.21.05 and iOS connectivity issues ?

9.21.05 and iOS connectivity issues ?

New Contributor II
Updated to 9.21.05 a few days ago and seem to be having problems with ios devices accessing the network consistently. Device and controller show connected, but I cannot access the internet or ping the default gateway. Toggle wifi on the device on/off and it immediately picks back up. Or if you wait long enough 10+ minutes, you will eventually get re-authed and things start working. SSID is using 802.1x and the issue is somewhat inconsistent, but seems to occur most often when roaming.

Help ? Anyone see anything similar, hopefully a solution or have to revert back before students return.

New Contributor III
are the client installed de profile 802.1x with de correct certificate of radius server?
At university we have 'eduroam' ssid that is 802.1x. All the issues were solved with the profile instalation... there is a idea 😄
Also, if the user has updated de iphone you have to delete de profile and install again to run correctly...
This two things solve my problem.

New Contributor II
I checked on our controller and this:
doesn't seem to apply to us as both settings referred to in the article are already disabled. However, disabling RADAR has shown some promising initial results. A user reported that before disabling RADAR it consistently took him 5 - 10 minutes to authenticate on his iPhone and it was instantaneous after disabling RADAR. Liking this workaround so far. Still more testing to do and more sites (VNS's) to check on.

We are on ver

New Contributor II
Which workaround ? Radar is not enabled and I am not sure where disable fingerprinting the interference source is on the controller config ?

From the links, management frame protection and fast transition are both disabled.