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Access Point - path MTU discovery

Access Point - path MTU discovery

Honored Contributor
Hi, I run into a problem with the AP path MTU discovery.....
Since last week I've problems with remote APs that were running for months but now the radio is off.
After some troubleshooting I've reduced the MTU manualy and now everthing is fine again.

So regarding the path MTU discovery....

- is the path MTU discovery process only performed after a reboot of the AP or every time the AP has no connection to the EWC (i.e. WAN outage / CTP down)

- could anyone please post or PM me the “Tech Note Wireless – MTU Discovery” because as per the knowledge transfer presentation there are scenarios when the network cannot comply with the requirement for the MTU discovery..... and I'd like to know what scenario that is.

Thanks in advance,

Extreme Employee
I will send you the document for review.


New Contributor III
Thanks Doug,

i think the routers are not setup properly for MTU path discovery. Customer have to contact his provide to fix this.

New Contributor III
The world is full of challenges - there are no problems 😉

Thanks for the fast reply. Mail arrived.