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Android Phones are losing WLAN connectivity after several minutes

Android Phones are losing WLAN connectivity after several minutes

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EWC V9.21.12 - WLAN running now stable for laptops! Except Android SmartPhones have problems anymore!

If the Smartphone is newly connected all working well - also if i ping the system continiously - no problems. If i stop the ping, then after some time the client have no internet connection - wlan seem to be assiciated. If i disassociate (both sides) and re-connect this device new all working well for several time (minutes). If i restart the AP also all working well for some time. So allways if a smartPhone client is online for more than a few minutes the problem begins (looses IP / Internet Connectivity).

only 2,4Ghz is online, no channel bundeling (20Mhz Channels), no special options set.

After some debugging (wireshark capture) i see that if the clients are not working, the smartphones are sending a lot of "Qos Null function (No data)" packets. If i ask Mr. Google he tell me that this packets managing powersafe modus. Thats correct - wireshark tells in one packet (of the problematic clients) "STA will go to sleep" - next packets tells "STA will stay up" ?! And this toggle several times a second!

So how can i avoid this ?

i cannot disable powersafe mode on clients because i have no access to them. Because this is payed WLAN service we have to provide a working service (without have the ability to tough client systems) and without disruption and re-connects.

How can i solve that problem ?

New Contributor III
Hi Matthias

What changes are you taking about, can you please let me know it will be useful to me ......

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I looking for some KB Artikels regarding current WLAN Performance Issues or WLAN Config Best Practises.

Also EWC manual (user guide - Advanced Settings of AP / VNS / etc) and Extreme Solution Guide give some interessting hints regarding recommended WLAN settings.

After that changes Client Connection seem to be better and more stable. But futher investigations are have to be done to be sure that all working well.


Extreme Employee
Jumping between radios on the same AP is not what you want to see when network is properly functioning. I would suggest to contact GTAC for sure so they can take a look the config and itroubleshoot.

New Contributor III
Most of the Mobile's are apple and htc , issues are with both radios.

Users are jumping between radios on same ap very frequently every few minutes.