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AP Properties ->Location on wireless controller

AP Properties ->Location on wireless controller

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I'm running 1200+ APs spanning 20+ buildings on an HA pair of C5210s running code I'm curios what I should be entering in the "Location" field in the AP Properties tab. I understand the purpose of "Zone" and for that we define a Zone as the building the AP is located in. I'm not sure as to what to put for "Location".

Also, as I've started to build out OneView Maps, I've noticed that some of the locations have changed to be the Map (i.e. /World/Campus/Building). Wondering why it's done that for some and not others.

-Rich P.

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From the user guide....


Online Help for Location Engine:

The controller tracks the client location and can determine when a client is inside a predefined area. Select Track Area Change to trigger a notification when a client moves from one area to another. Use the notification events to improve radio resource management such as Network Access Control (NAC).

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One function is that it's a search criteria in the AP overview.

i.e. search for "Home" and all APs with that location are listed...


I was hoping an employee might shed some light on that Location field. But maybe there is nothing to tell. It seems to be that this is a sort of description box that is not tied to anything else.

In NMS (aka "Netsight") when you look at application flows, there is a Location field there, and now an even more elusive field called "detailed location" (haven't figured that one out yet). But this has nothing to do with that you put down on the AP properties. Because location in the Netsight context is set up by defining a network scope under Analytics > Configuration > Locations.

I don't put anything in location. However, I use the "zone" setting to treat users differently, depending on the zone.