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AP3610 mounting bracket options

AP3610 mounting bracket options

New Contributor II
Hi I am trying to track down where to purchase mounting brackets for WS-3610 access points. I have a number of access points without the mounting bracket that I need to mount onto walls in a school environment.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mark Gaffney


New Contributor III has a few different styles for this AP. They are no longer in the drop-down menu on the main page, but are still listed in their 500+ page catalog.

Honored Contributor
The "default" mounting bracket that comes with the AP36xx is the same as the AP26xx.

Might be that someone in the forum from NA region has some in spare.
I've a lot of them but shipping it from the EU is from my experience far too complicated.

The 3rd photo shows the default mounting bracket...

As I've mentioned the AP2610 has the same - 1st photo in the box

New Contributor II
Thanks I did refer to this article however when searching for the bracket WS-MBUNIVERSAL-01 I can't seem to find it anywhere or its discontinued.

Does anyone know what this bracket looks like or where it can be purchased?

Would extreme have any in its stock/bins ?

This is the bracket I am looking for.


approx. 40