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Bandwidth Control per WLAN Service

Bandwidth Control per WLAN Service

Honored Contributor
Anyone else interested to see the Bandwidth Control feature to work not only per client but also per WLAN service (SSID).

That would limit the max upload/download on the whole WLAN service i.e. all clients on that SSID couldn't exceed 50Mbps/25Mbps.

If someone from engineering could tell whether that could be (easily) implemented.
Because if there is no way to do it because of controller limitations I'd pass on opening a feature request.


I presently limit my wireless guests per-connection. But they could still gather up a lot of connections and gang up on my bandwidth. So yes, I could see how this would be useful. Limit the client connections using the usual means, but also put a cap on the whole dang' thing to prevent an overflow.

New Contributor III
It would be great to rate limit a topology or WLAN (SSID). As a convention centre we could provide customers with a level of bandwidth to be divided up between their devices. My topologies are all bridge@EWC but I have the ports trunked so rate limiting on the switch port would affect all WLANs

Contributor II
The rate limiting will need to be applied to the Topology in this case....
Would be nice to be able to rate limit the whole Top not just the individual Clients.

Honored Contributor
I've forgot to share the issue behind the idea/request.

Setup: Branch office with 2 SSIDs (staff & guest), topology must be bridge@EWC.

There is only limited bandwidth on the uplink from the branch to the HQ and if a lot of guests connect they took a lot of bandwidth and the staff doesn't get the bw that is needed.

The function would limit the bw on the guest SSID to i.e. 50% of the uplink so the staff has enough bw left to work with.

Or any other idea to throttle the guest bw.?