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C5210 Controller is not updating AP settings.

C5210 Controller is not updating AP settings.

New Contributor III

C5210 controller: 2 controllers-Primary and a Foreign
APs are 3605/3610

Our APs' ip address settings are not updating in the conttoller. Channel and Tx Power settings are not showing up either. I already checked; the APs are not active or need to be released from the other controller. I can find them in the Brocade data switch, we moved the APs to the wireless vlan. The switch and router are showing me correct info, but the controller is not updating the APs new settings. How do I fix this?

I also noticed when I am adding new APs, they are showing up first in the Primary controller as "pending". The primary cont. is full, but why aren't they showing up in the Secondary(Foreign) controller first?


Extreme Employee
Hi Laura - If you have not done so already, please open a case with the GTAC group for further investigation.

Without having a Tech support to review, I would make sure the Secondary appliance has the AP Topology set for AP registration. I assume the Secondary also has the correct licenses in place to accept new APs. When the APs are attached to the network, are they getting the correct IP for that AP subnet?

New Contributor III
If you have "allow all wireless AP's to connect" on both controllers, then the AP will connect to whichever one responds to it first and manual approval of the AP is not necessary. You can use this setting to manipulate which controller new AP's connect to. E.g. If laura wants the new ap's to connect to the secondary controller, she would put "Allow only approved Wireless APs to connect" on the primary and "allow all wireless AP's to connect" on the secondary.

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Hi Joshua

You mean "Allow all Wireless APs to connect" should be enabled on both primary and secondary controller.


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Both controllers have been able to show the channel and Tx power. Just recently, when I am adding/installing APs their settings are not showing up any more. I checked the Reg. settings. It's fine.