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Extreme Wireless Controller Redirect to External Captive Portal

Extreme Wireless Controller Redirect to External Captive Portal

Hi Extreme experts,

I have a question regarding (Firewall friendly) External Captive Portal Redirection.

First my goal:
I need to integrate the Extreme Wireless Controller into an external Captive Portal System.
- The Portal System first needs a MAC Authentication Request via RADIUS (like Extreme NAC) - which is accepted.
- The Portal expects a URL-Request: "https://:8443/ahsfasdzfgfaszdfd&mac=00-11-22-33-44-55" where 00-11-22-33-44-55 is the MAC of the Client.

The Extreme Wireless Controller should do the following:
1) Send MAC Authentication Request to Portal-System
2) Redirect any HTTP/HTTPS request to "https://:8443/ahsfasdzfgfaszdfd&mac=00-11-22-33-44-55"
3) After successfull authentication the Role of the client should be changed via RADIUS-CoA.

What I tried is the Firewall Friendly External Captive Portal with the following settings:



But unfortunately that configuration does not work.
1) If MAC Authentication is enabled no redirection is performed (The return Policy role is identical to the Unauthenticated Role in VNS settings). If I disable the MAC Authentication on the WLAN Service URL-Redirection is performed but with unexpected attributes:


Is there any way to disable the unwanted attributes dst, token and wlan?
How can I perform MAC Authentication and Redirection?

Any ideas?

Best Regards

Valued Contributor III
Hi Michael,
Were you able to get this working?

Extreme Employee

Firstly if you haven't already I would recommend you study the guide found in this article:

It would be interesting to note the state of the client in the report after MBA (MAC based auth) has completed, in the left column is a padlock that indicates the various states the client is in, hanging your mouse over the padlock will give further details of the state.

As you will see in the guide, the unwanted attributes you inquired about are mandatory.

As Joseph said, check that your rule allows the client to reach the external web server on the ports you have configured, along with having dns/dhcp working and denying everything else.

I would also consider working on getting the authentication piece working first, then add in the MBA.



Could you not, for example, use the VNS name attribute as an identifier?

At this point I would probably recommend you get a case opened for this so we can track it and make sure we are fully understanding your requirements.


Hi Gareth

"ahsfasdzfgfaszdfd" is just a place holder for a static reference. The portal system in this case can handle multiple mandators, so for each portal a spespific mandadtor reference needs to be included in the redirect URL - but that reference is static.

Best Regards