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ExtremeWireless support in LibreNMS

ExtremeWireless support in LibreNMS

Valued Contributor
I recently had my support for ExtremeWireless controllers merged into LibreNMS. For those not familiar with LibreNMS, it provides network graphing and monitoring with a user-friendly setup and interface. Think Cacti but web 2.0 instead of stuck in the '90s. I've added support for AP count, client count, utilization, SNR, RSSI, noise floor, retransmits and frequency, with AP power coming soon. Here's some screenshots:

Configured and connected APs (I replaced some 3710s with 3825s last week):


Thanks to the LibreNMS team for merging it in, and the EWC controller team for providing so much information via SNMP.

New Contributor III
Hi all, does anyone try to monitor WiNG with LibreNMS?

New Contributor
Yes. I think it reports -100 when nobody is connected. I compared the graph with those provided by Netsight and there are very similar.

New Contributor III
Thanks for putting in the work James 🙂. Quick question. For RSSI graphing, is -100 reported when nobody is connected to the radio? I'm getting a bunch of radio's that look like the following. This directly affects the SNR data as well. Just curious if this is how it's intended to be. Thanks again.


Yeah, the MIB says "RSS in dBm from latest statistics from AP. Value of -100 means this field is not available." I was hoping to process this out during polling but it's not straightforward.