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How to solve this concern?

How to solve this concern?

New Contributor
I exceeded the number of WLAN in the controller.

Extreme Employee
Hi Carlos,

Perhaps you could look into consolidating the WLAN services, then using roles and VLANs to help you achieve your goal.

If each site HAS to have multiple unique WLAN services then you will require a higher capacity system.

A WLAN service can be applied to multiple sites if required.

Extreme Employee
Good stuff here Sam. Thanks for joining the Hub!

Extreme Employee
Hi Carlo,

Unfortunately you can not.

Without purchasing additional hardware, using the controllers to create two separate systems as you suggested would be your best course of action.

To maintain some form of redundancy should you decide to deploy the equipment this way and use a B@AP topology. I would recommend enabling; 'maintain client sessions in the event of a poll failure' and 'restart service in the absence of a controller'. This can be done by going to the advanced menu of each AP and checking the boxes.

This will ensure that the AP remains active in the event of a link loss with the controller. Please understand that AP logging, software upgrades and configuration changes will be unavailable until the link to the controller is re-established.

I hope this answers your query.

- Sam

Hi Sam,

Could we still do a HA system with the two controllers having different VNSs?

If not we could use our second controller for our other remote offices.