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IdentiFi: 2.4Ghz clients unable to get IP

IdentiFi: 2.4Ghz clients unable to get IP

Hello, team,

I have V2110 installation and 120 3825APs. Surprisingly, 2,4Ghz clients have stopped working. They unable to get IP. 5Ghz works fine.

What could be the reason of this?

Please, help!

Many thanks in advance,

In my case for both SSIDs Privacy is set to None. I have redirection to external portal. So, I can't check MFP/FT status.

11k is disabled - I'd see it on the screenshot = Radio Management (11k) support.

The below KT article show where to find MFP/FT (Management Frame Protection / Fast Transition)

Hi, Umut,

are 11k/MFP/fast Transistion settings disabled? I don't know where to check MFP and Fast Transition.


Hi, Umut,


All SSID affected.

This is what I have in log:


New Contributor
Hi Ilya,

Is there anything in the controller logs? Any mention of anything major going on, any significant interference in the 2.4GHz spectrum etc?

Just to check, are the 2.4 Radios enabled still, and if there are SSIDs unique to the 2.4 spectrum are they still visible?

I've seen this the other way around (on 5GHz when local RADAR caused an issue) but not site-wide for 2.4 unless something has been changed globally.

Assuming the 2.4 radios are still on, are you using auto RF parameters or hard-coded channels and power? Has anything changed there, dropped down etc? Might be handy to look at one of the inventory reports to give you a breakdown of all APs and their 2.4 and 5GHz settings per AP for peace of mind.

Is there an authentication mechanism in the background after the controllers that might be stopping something here? If just PSK, and its an SSID unique to 2.4, has the key changed/still what you'd expect it to be? Could it be a DHCP lease issue (no IPs left, DHCP server problem etc?)