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IdentiFi: 2.4Ghz clients unable to get IP

IdentiFi: 2.4Ghz clients unable to get IP

Hello, team,

I have V2110 installation and 120 3825APs. Surprisingly, 2,4Ghz clients have stopped working. They unable to get IP. 5Ghz works fine.

What could be the reason of this?

Please, help!

Many thanks in advance,

Valued Contributor
I had time to file a case - 01729857. Did a remote session today, I have an AP3825 and AP3710 in the same room, on the same channel - the AP3825 sees no traffic from the client device until the SSID is enabled on the AP3710, at which point the client associates fine to the AP3710. I also did a capture from a MacBook Pro, which can see probes from the client that don't appear in the RealCapture on the AP3825. Personally my money is on the SDK upgrade for AP38xx in 10.41 (since everything was fine with 10.31) but I guess we'll see what GTAC comes back with.

Also in another area the client bounces between 4 APs, switching every minute or so with the reason code for leaving just being 1, the ever informative "Unspecified reason".

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Oh, and it's not uptime related - the campus had a scheduled power outage and the problem remained afterwards.

Extreme Employee
If you are still running into issues I would suggest contacting the GTAC for assistance:
Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks

Honored Contributor
OK let's do that step by step....

Is that the same SSID for 5GHz and 2.4GHz ?

Per the describtion the clients on the 2.4GHz are connected to the SSID but get no IP.
- are they authenticated = if you check the client/SSID report to they all have the green lock in the first row
- who is the DHCP on that network, is it the controller or a ext DHCP
- does the communication work if you set one client with a static IP

This is the same SSID.

We have external DHCP.

I'll check static IP and let you know.