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IdentiFi: 2.4Ghz clients unable to get IP

IdentiFi: 2.4Ghz clients unable to get IP

Hello, team,

I have V2110 installation and 120 3825APs. Surprisingly, 2,4Ghz clients have stopped working. They unable to get IP. 5Ghz works fine.

What could be the reason of this?

Please, help!

Many thanks in advance,

New Contributor III
Thanks James,

I figured we'd try a 10.51. release, 10.51.03 which we haven't encountered any issues. Makes sense now.

Annoyingly we now have issues with multiple 3935s that we're replacing the 38 series with.

New GTAC has been raised for these.

Thanks for the help.

Valued Contributor
Huh, I forgot to update this, it was patched in 10.41.15 and I think, wns0021243. The fix was related to the radio startup order.

Valued Contributor
I've been seeing this on 10.41.08, I'll have to dive into it this week. We only have a few buildings with 3825s and most devices support 5GHz, the rest of the campus is still 3710s and they work fine on 2.4GHz (you can actually walk from one building to another and the 2.4GHz only device connects as soon as you walk out the door). So it's a 3825 specific problem I think.

Valued Contributor
That would be fair to say. My testing today was unsuccessful. From what I see with a packet capture, the client can see the AP's beacons, but the AP doesn't respond to the client's probe requests. Also factory defaulting the AP doesn't work for all clients.