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Problems with Realtek wireless adapters,, AP3705i

Problems with Realtek wireless adapters,, AP3705i

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C35 Controller running
AP AP3705i
Client: Lenovo A485, Windows 10Pro - Realtek 8822BE chipset

We have issues with some clients that have Realtek chipsets when they are on 5ghz and associated with the 3705 AP. They experience extremely high latency: ping times to the nearest switch on the network over 2 seconds. Also some clients are not always able to connect after being off the network for a while.

The clients when at a different site with newer APs(38xx,39xx)) do not have this problem. We'd like to get this solved without having to buy new APs because the 3705 is still supported.


Suspend laptop. Resume next day.

Windows unable to get a working connecton.

Proto: 5.0n|L,W
RSS: -56
Avg.Rate(Mbps)/Sent/Rec'd: 300/100
Ping time to switch: 1000-2500ms

Disassociate laptop from controller. Laptop does not connect again(Windows 10 doesn't bother trying to reconnect).
Force reconnection from client. Works.

Proto: 5.0n|L,W
RSS: -55
Avg.Rate(Mbps)/Sent/Rec'd: 254/80
Ping time to switch: 500-2800ms

Disassociate. Force reconnection.

Proto: 5.0n|L,W
RSS: -55
Avg.Rate(Mbps)/Sent/Rec'd: 254/80
Ping time to switch: 100-1000ms

Forcing laptop adapter to use 802.11b/g/n on 2.4ghz fixes problem.

Proto: 2.4n
RSS: -57
Avg.Rate(Mbps)/Sent/Rec'd: 104/172
Ping time to switch: <5ms

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Just a quick guess - isn’t the client device frequently roaming between the APs?




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I have the same issue with a brand new Dell laptop that is capable of wifi 6 (ax).  A ping to our router/firewall can go from 20ms to almost a full second or more


The AP is probably less than 20 feet away.  The AP’s are AP650’s.


We already knew of the issue with Windows 10’s default network driver, how it would only connect to an AP that could be very far away, and that you had to install the actual manufacturer's network driver.  In speaking to the desktop technician, he says that he has installed the manufacturer’s network driver 8 times and we are still seeing this issue.


We are a school and have 160 AP’s, most of them AP650’s and just a few outdoor AP1130’s.


Also, we have seen the laptop lose its connection to the AP, and either doesnt bother to re-attach, or reattaches but says “no Internet”.


Any ideas?






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try this settings.

disable MFP if enabled.(WLAN Service)
Disable 11k if enabled(WLAN Service)
Radio settings- advanced:
Set DTIM to 1
Enable protection RTC/CTS
Band width try maybe 20Mhz

Good luck.


Umut Aydin

New Contributor
Ah, I missed that. We'll need to get these on next year's budget.

Yes, the drivers are up-to-date.

I was hoping there were some radio parameters that I could try tweaking.

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The 37xx ap's are end of SW support as of December 2018, we won't be coding any future fixes.

Have you been able to update the Realtek drivers to the latest from the Lenovo site?
Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks