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restart wireless controller C5210

restart wireless controller C5210

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How come when I restart the wireless controller C5210, all of the radio channels show "off", even though none of the APs are down? I want to be able to see what channels the APs are using, so I can change them in case interference.



Honored Contributor
On the active controller please open GUI > Reports > APs > active APs.
Is the AP listed that you are talking about ... if not try the same on the foreign controller and let us know the result.

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I think this is the local controller. We have 2 controllers, the other one is the foreign controller; which we have not used yet.

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If the access point is on the backup controller, you will not get stats from the access point until it's released back to the local controller.

Take a look at the following knowledge document....

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To answer your question...

We have it setup up for 50/50 right now.However, when we get to the point of adding more APs, we have the foreign controller for more room. In the future, if we have enough APs, using 2 controllers; will the second controller still be able to backup all the APs from the primary controller and still be able to manage all its own APs?

A controller has a max amount of access points it will support locally and in fail over (foreign)

Total APs supported per controller APs supported in standard mode
V2110 496 (248 local/248 foreign) 248 locally configured
C25 100 (50 local/50 foreign) 50 locally configured
C5210 2000 (1000 local/1000 foreign) 1000 locally configured

Licensing is done based on locally configured access points, you don't need licenses for redundancy, it's built in until you reach the max total a controller can support (Total APs supported per controller).