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Unable to download Wing AP 7522e latest firmware....

Unable to download Wing AP 7522e latest firmware....

New Contributor
I'm currently using firmware 5.8.0 and would like to update to the latest version.
But in the "Firmware" tab show "Displaying resources you are entitled to. If you do not see the resource you need or are entitled to, contact GTAC."

Where I can download the latest version.....? Thanks

New Contributor
Alex, I did receive an email from Extreme saying if you are a Valid Zebra partner you would be provided the software at no charge until June. If you are not a valid Zebra partner you will need a contract to download the software. You can send the serial numbers of the AP's and Contollers with the full enduser information to your distributor or reseller and they will be able to go to Extreme to get a quote on a renewal contract for you.

Honored Contributor

But as you've mentioned it looks like that you don't have the rights to download the file so please contact the GTAC so they could check whether you've a valid contract and to give you access.