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Upgrading to 9.21.05 Firmware ?

Upgrading to 9.21.05 Firmware ?

New Contributor II
Just looking to see if anyone has upgraded to this firmware yet ? We are still on the 09.15 line and I have an upcoming window to upgrade if things are stable and running well ? Have an issue in the 9.15 that is supposed to be corrected in the 9.21, but don't want to create another set of problems.

Contributor III
Yeah, 9.21.03 had a few bugs, I've been running 9.21.04 for a few weeks and it was pretty good, upgrading to 9.21.05 now. I did notice .04 was rebooting from out of memory, good to hear it's fixed. Given how critical wifi is to students and teachers, our new policy is going to be to wait for at least 4 or 5 point releases before upgrading to a new version.

New Contributor II
Thanks for the information. If you think of it can you post how things are going with 9.21.05 after a few days.

I've also enabled 802.11k (Radio Management (11k) support and Beacon Report in WALN Service/Advanced...) but haven't yet tried 802.11r (Privacy/Fast Transition) due to reports of client compatibility problems from other vendors.

I have run both and they are stable. 9.21.05 fixed some memory leak issues that caused APs to reboot etc.. and a few other things. But so far, I have had no issues with this new code.