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V2110 ESXi 6.5 migration issues (STATUS: DOWN)

V2110 ESXi 6.5 migration issues (STATUS: DOWN)

Hello, team,

a customer has V2110 ESXi 6.5 installation. Week ago he transferred V2110's VM to another ESXi host, started the machine and there was no connectivity.

l2ports > show says:

Status: DOWN for all interfaces: Admin,esa0,esa1.

He tried to add 4th NIC from ESXi )))) No results, as we can understand. The he has removed the NIC.

So, are there any compatibility issues while transferring V2110's VM from one host to another? May be we should keep old MACs on NICs or something like this?

Please, help!



New Contributor II
As long as the ESXi has the USB feature added and the server recognises the USB drive - YES you can attach a thumb drive - new configurations and images will be followed by "(Flash)"

New Contributor II
The recommended way to migrate from one server to another (vMotion is not supported), would be to save and export config from old unit, build new V2110 rehost domain & capacity licenses, upgrade to same firmware and then iport/apply configuration.

According to the release notes vMotion is supported, and of course you should pin the macs since the licenses are tied to them ( normally admin )

The following advanced features are supported on vSphere 5.5:

o vSphere High Availability (HA). Release 9.12.01 Added support for vSphere application level HA monitoring. This provides protection comparable to that offered by the hardware watchdog timer on the hardware wireless controllers.

o vSphere vMotion. vMotion involves moving a running virtual machine (VM) from one host to another within a cluster with minimal or no service interruption.

o vSphere Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) and Dynamic Power Management (DPM). These features monitor host utilization and use vMotion to migrate VMs to different hosts based on power management and resource utilization goals.

o Storage vMotion. Storage vMotion allows the administrator to move a VM’s disks to different hostservers while the VM is running.

o Cold migration – The V2110 supports cold migration subject to the requirement that the V2110 is migrated in a shutdown state not in a suspended state.

o Distributed Virtual Switches (DVS). A DVS is a virtual switch that spans multiple physical hosts. VMs migrated between hosts sharing a DVS retain their network point of presence and addresses. Customers who expect to vMotion V2110s frequently should deploy DVSs if possible.

o The V2110 has supported the virtual serial port and virtual serial port concentrator features since its first release. VMware requires that the customer purchase a license to use this feature.

So, I hope it is possible to attach USB drive to V2110, because the customers doesn't have backup copy of configuration. Thanks, gentlemen!