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What does the "k" mean in the Bytes column?

What does the "k" mean in the Bytes column?

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I am looking at a report for the C5210 controller. It's the "EWC - Reports - AP Performance Report by SSID and Radio" What does the "k" mean in the Avg Bytes column? Is it kilobits? The "Bytes Per Second"- Avg Column for Downlink Throughput--- This is how much data is being transfered from that AP to the # Clients, correct? What is considered a lot of throughput for one AP?



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The value is in bytes and k is kilo so in the first line you get 269 KBytes,
Downlink is from AP to MU/client
Uplink is from MU/client to AP

"What is considered a lot of throughput for one AP?"
There isn't a value X as that depend on the AP model/settings/frame size.
i.e. a AP36xx that only supports 802.11n will have a smaller max. value then a AP3825i with 802.11ac.
You must also considerate the link to the AP, here a example of my AP3825i with a 802.11ac client connected.
The AP is connected via 100Mb to my Firewall - so that is the bottleneck.
As you'd see I'd reach up to 9.25MByte with one FTP session (=74Mbit/sec).
If I connnect the AP with 1G I should get a much higher value.



current and previous is correct.
I've took a closer look on the statistics....

The fields in red are updated every 30seconds.

The green field show the peak in a 15minute timeframe,

The peak value from the green field is copied to the yellow field after the timeframe of 15minutes is restarted.

So you'd see the peak of the last 30 minutes.


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Thanks for the info. It helps me alot. What does the "Cur" column mean? Is that Current data being transfered? And the Peak column..."Prev" is that Previous? Why would we we to know previous?