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Wireless AP manual firmware update with internal memory format?

Wireless AP manual firmware update with internal memory format?

New Contributor II
I am aware of how to manually upgrade AP's via SSH and have done so many times. A customer has raised a concern that any manually created files on the internal memory of the AP remain in place even after upgrade. In some case I would imagine this should be useful, but in our case I am trying to find out if there is an option to upgrade the firmware on an AP and perform a full data wipe as part of the process. I think the concern here is that AP's can potentially be filled up with Junk and affect their performance or that maliciuos files on internal memory could impact security. An option to do a full format upgrade across the estate could provide a clean slate and if thats an available option I suspect many customers would benefit.

Any thoughts anyone?


Contributor III
Hello Rich,
The shell on the ap is for service personnel to support debugging when issues arise, it's not for general use. That is why we do not maintain any guides for it. Like Joshua pointed out, perhaps you could use ExtremeManagements script tool to pull out the information you are looking for.

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Hi Doug, If you SSH to an AP and use "vi" editr to create a script and save, it will remain as a file in the root directory and show up using an "ls".
This file will remain in place following an upgrade either manual or pushed from the wireless controller.

Hope this explains it a little better.


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Hi Rich, Just out of curiosity, what are you using the local scripts for? Perhaps you could execute the same functions from extreme management center without having to keep anything on the AP itself.

I haven't tested this and it's not exactly what you're asking for, but i'd think that issuing a factory reset "cset factory" would wipe the files.

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Hi Rich,

I don't chek this if created files get deleted after FW update but I assume if the customer is requesting than likely not..

But I don't heard about something like this and assume there is also not possible to set the AP to his factory file setttings .

The best what I could suggest would be to change the AP ssh password so that not much people have access to it?!


Umut Aydin