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Firmware Version 10.21

Hi all I have been following the launch of the new 3912 and 3916 AP's. I am very excited about the new models. I see the new AP's is launched with the new Ver 10.21 firmware. Can we get access to the new firmware? Under my downloads I only have acc...

2.4Ghz high latency solutions

I'm currently experiencing some issues with our wireless network I could use some help with figuring out a solution. The situation is as follows: I've two EW C25s and 60 AP-3825is. About every classroom, office and common area has an AP. I've the f...

Mounting brackets for AP

Hello, all! Can't find any information about Mounting brackets for IdentiFi APs. WS-MBI-DCU01 WS-MBI-WALL02 In "ExtremeWireless™ AP3805 Installation Guide" there is no information. In "Wireless Access Point Universal Adapter Bracket" there is onl...

Alexandr_P by Valued Contributor
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