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WS-AP3865e Correct Position Installation on outdoor environment.

WS-AP3865e Correct Position Installation on outdoor environment.

New Contributor
hello Extreme Community. I need your help. I am confused on how to physical install a WS-3865e WAP model.
I need to install on a container yard with tall hangar (15 meters tall) my question is what is the best way to install this 3865e if vertical or horizontal for correct signal propagation. I got antennas WS-AO-5DPIN3 and WS-AO- 2DPIN3 installed for these APs. I really appreciate your recomendation or a link to read and learn how to do it.

thank you so much.

New Contributor II
Because I don't see recommandations from other member, please find some infos from our experience 🙂
it seems to be too high: You have to look at the diagram of the antennas (distance, debit) Vertical polarization is always better than horizontal The best is to do a site survey ... Be aware of the electrical lines (saw on the first picture) Thanks Pascal

New Contributor
Hello Ronald, thank you for answer. this is the way I have them installed..


Honored Contributor

here a link to the installation guide...

I'd install the AP so the antennas are pointed up/down.

Also I'd make sure that the AP is installed not too high so he'd provide the best signals to the MUs > if all clients are located on the ground level it's not a good idea to install the AP on the hangar ceiling.