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ap305c not supported by cloudiq version

ap305c not supported by cloudiq version

New Contributor III
New out of the box ap305c version 10.4r3 not supported by CloudIq.  
ap305c not down gradable to a firmware that is supported by the Cloudiq version we run.

We downgraded the upgraded CloudIq, but had to roll back because new ppsk failed to upload.

AH-5b1440#sh ver
Copyright (c) 2006-2021 Extreme Networks, Inc.

Version: HiveOS 10.4r3 build-268997
Build time: Mon Dec 6 18:02:09 UTC 2021
Build cookie: 2112061002-268997
Platform: AP305C
Bootloader ver: v0.0.4.69
TPM ver: v1.2.133.33
Uptime: 0 weeks, 0 days, 10 hours, 29 minutes, 8 seconds

AH-5b1440#save image tftp://xxx:/AP305C-10.3r4.img.S
Do you really want to update image?(Y/N)y
mode set to octet
Connected to xxx (xxx), port 69
getting from xxx:/AP305C-10.3r4.img.S to /tmp/aeros.img [octet]
Received 39727720 bytes in 19.1 seconds [16666366 bit/s]
Not allowed to downgrade to the specified image because the version is not supported on this AP
ERROR: Save image failed!


New Contributor III
Hi Leo,

i guess you use the IQVA in version: Is that correct?


New Contributor III

New Contributor III
Ah ok. The new version already. Actually i have no system with this version to test the issue.

But an interesting information can be found in the release notes...

Access Points

Device Model Latest Supported Release Comments
AP305C IQ Engine 10.2r2 Platform support introduced with IQ Engine 10.1r1.

New Contributor III
We have about 900 ap305c running fine on,
Only the new batch does not work.  

So back onto the climbing ladder, and up with the Aerohive 320's.
After that I will read about "The Universal Access Point".