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AP410C, dual 5GHz config, but majority of clients connected to Wifi1

AP410C, dual 5GHz config, but majority of clients connected to Wifi1

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We recently deployed two AP410C access points to an area with high client counts.
Checking on them this morning, both APs have almost all clients connected to wifi1 with little to no clients on wifi0

In an effort to keep my configs as simple as possible I've avoided using any load balancing settings thus far.

Without having the "radio load balancing" setting on in the radio profile, does the AP make any efforts to distribute clients between it's two 5GHz radios, or is it purely up to the client driver to make that choice?

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Community Manager
All the engineers I've asked tell me it shouldn't matter which radio you're using, they should both support ax. Since you're seeing different behavior, I'd recommend opening a case. If you email me the case number, I can make sure it gets the right attention and add my notes to it.

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Anyone else been able to get the AP410c to support ax on wifi0?
@Sam Pirok, is there any way to confirm this ap specification? I never did hear back from my SE regarding this.

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The action of the radio load balancing is based upon client connection attempts, which is why you enter between 1 and 10 connection attempts per client before the AP stops attempting to move the client to another 5-GHz radio. Default is 5 attempts.

This means when the clients are attempting to connect, they are viewing the probes of one radio first in their scans, whichever it sees first, then makes an attempt, if the attempt fails as many times as the number you configure, it will then attempt to move the client across to the other radio.

Hope this clarifies.

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Would love to get a definitive answer on this, as it's a pretty important aspect of running  a dual 5GHz AP. Whats the point of dual radios if you can't get clients to distribute across the radios. Emailed my SE over a week ago regarding my most recent testing and haven't heard back yet.