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XiQ. A "PoE Degraded" label is displayed on Eth0 interface of AP460C.

XiQ. A "PoE Degraded" label is displayed on Eth0 interface of AP460C.

New Contributor
My installation has 30 AP460C.
All access points are powered by 4 switches "X435-24P". 
Much of APs have a label "PoE Degraded" on the Eth0 interface in "Monitor View - Wired Interface" of XiQ Dashboard.

I don't find any problem with switch or AP

* sw-pns-poe-3.1 # show inline-power

                Inline Power System Information
Configured                 : Enabled
Power Usage Threshold      : 70 percent
Disconnect Precedence      : deny-port
                   Budgeted       Measured
Firmware Status    Power (Watts)  Power (Watts)
Operational         370 W         117 W
* sw-pns-poe-3.2 # show inline-power info ports 5

Port  State           Class      Volts   Curr    Power     Fault
                                         (mA)   (Watts)
5     delivering      class4     53.5     148      7.900    None
AP-101#show system power mode
System Power Mode:   Auto/AT
MAX tx/rx chains:    4X4
MAX wifi0 tx power:  20dbm
MAX wifi1 tx power:  20dbm
MAX wifi2 tx power:  20dbm
USB Port:            On
GE                   Status
Eth0                 UP
Eth1                 DOWN

AP-101#show system power status
System Power Status:   AT

AP-101#show system power usage
System Power Usage:   7.50W

Any idea about the label "PoE Degraded"

New Contributor

Just deployed 40 of these, seeing the same thing on all, and all are getting class 4 negotiation with 30 watts.

New Contributor

Mine is also saying the same thing! I have the AP410C model. Initially for a couple of the AP's I had it plugged into a POE source that was only AF and I had the error. After plugging them into an AT source it shows correctly with the show system power commands but would never update it's status correctly in the dashboard.

So an answer to this problem would be great!

New Contributor

i have the same question.