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XIQ tools, backup? compare?

XIQ tools, backup? compare?

Hi team,

I see that a common objects can be used in different network policies so maybe it´s easy mada an undesired config on a network policy, so, Is there any possibility of backup XIQ configuration? A detailed backup of an specific SSID or network policy? Restore of only an object? Compare tool os running config and backup?



Extreme Employee
Hi EF,

Configuration backup and export features can be found on the Global Setting page at ADMINISTRATION > VIQ Management > Backup Now / Export VIQ.

Restoration can only be performed for the whole VIQ.

You do have visibility of configuration change and deployment history on the Global Setting page at Logs > Audit Logs.

It's also a good practice to check the generated delta configuration by clicking the audit icon of a device before configuration push, which can help confirm if CLI commands generated for the configuration change is expected or not.

could I export/import vhm through api?

Hi @zlinuxboy,

API support for VIQ backup is not supported currently but will be supported soon. I don't have the confirmed ETA for this though. AFAIK, there has been no plan to support VIQ backup import/export so far.

All the supported API endpoints can be found and tested on-the-fly here:

Documentation for new APIs:

Documents for legacy API (which is being deprecated):​