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3665i initial page setup

3665i initial page setup

New Contributor

Hellow !

i am new to extreme network product i am facing a lot of troubles as i am new.

i am unable to reach even startup page of 3965i .

can anybody told me what could be ip of get started through it

my motive is to provide hotpot service to through this as i have mikrotik and want to set it up as access point 


Valued Contributor


3965 it's not WiNG but IdentiFi access points.

It isn't work without controller.

It can be almost standalone - Site mode. But it's configurating also through controller.

With what kindl of controller does it work

Also, as far as I remeber you can configure it with XCC (campus controller)

Thank you sir if you help me i will be gratefull to you i have 6 pieces of 3965i/e will you help me as i not evwn know basic of extreme network.plz configure all these devices to me