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Access AP7131 firmware

Access AP7131 firmware

New Contributor
I tried creating a case in orde to access the latest firmware for AP7131 but it gives 404 error. Could someone help me with the latest version? Thank you Alex

Valued Contributor III
Hi Alex,
It looks like we don't have your organization in the system to associate your support portal account with. This is why you see "NO ACCOUNT ASSOCIATION" at the top right corner of the portal when logged in.

Please see this article for more information and how to resolve it:
It will be helpful if you can provide the portal team with a few of your device serial numbers so we can try to locate your account.


New Contributor
Hi Robert, thank you for your reply. My country Romania is not on the list there. I tried to call the UK number but I don't think it's available outside of UK

Extreme Employee
Please contact GTAC

For the support toll-free number in your country: