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AP 6532 Led Indicators

AP 6532 Led Indicators

New Contributor
Hi, I have 2 6532 APps that were working without a problem, now they are not responding, i reboot them and they doesn't come up, the LED Indicators are Solid Green and never change this State.

¿What can i do?, they dont have an console port.


New Contributor
Hi Edmundo, thanks for your response.

The leds are always on, they never change,

Its Strange because it was working, and suddenly 2 AP stoped respoding ping and then a third, when rebooted the Leds dont change.

I have 4 AP 6532 and one of them is the virtual controller of all of them, at first i thought it was an Hardware issue, now i think it could be and problem with the virtual controller.

I dont have a lot of experience with this AP with a virtual controller among them.

New Contributor II
Hi Leonardo

This status indicates that the equipment is in the process of system booting
Did you try updating the Firmware?
Do you have controller?