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AP7532 - Hide the default=gateway

AP7532 - Hide the default=gateway

Hello To you all
I have just setup a network switch ( Avaya5520 ) it has two Vlans on it 1 and 10. So vlan 1 is on the Local Lan and VLAN10 goes out via an ADSL line
the AP7532 is connected to a trunk port on the avaya. I have created two WLANS.
1) TestingMMMMM
2) Vlan 10

both are set to DHCP for the clients. The AP has a Static IP for Vlan1 so it can be managed.

So to my question, when a user connects to VLAN10 it shows the default-gateway if they put that IP into a browswer they get to the router GUI, Now the ADSL router's admin account has been changed from the default. But is there a way to hide that IP or could it be done using a filter in the AP firewall ?

Hi Robert
Yes I agree I can use an ACL, but I dont't think I have explianed very well.

So the VLAN10 will be a guest network and will have the DHCP running on the AP the gateway will be a port on the firewall, so if someone was to put the GW address in a browser it returns with nothing as its not the real GW
DHCP 192.168.100.X/24 GW ( this would send traffic to the .254 address which could be a

someone put the GW address in a browser .254 and it returns with page could not be found

I have probably still not explaned it very well