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Can VX9000e be reselled?

Can VX9000e be reselled?

New Contributor
If a customer is migrating from WiNG Express to Entreprise. Can the AP's and VX9000e be reselled?

Extreme Employee
The AP6521E cannot be migrated from Express to non-Express, due to AP6521E is EOSL and last supported release is v5.9.1.5, as Tomasz pointed out in previous post.

Extreme Employee
Tomasz....correct. There was never a migration path for Express controllers. Only Express APs.
If you want to re-use the Express APs, you can migrate them, but a new controller will be required.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Pablo,

What are your APs?
Because with WiNG 5.9.2 you are able to migrate some of the APs from Express to Enterprise firmware.
From the release notes:
WiNG Express Portfolio Migration
WiNG 5.9.2 adds ability to migrate WiNG Express AP to WiNG Enterprise AP. Once upgraded to WiNG 5.9.2, WiNG Express AP will become functionally equivalent of WiNG Enterprise AP.
    Following WiNG Express APs can be migrated by upgrading to WiNG 5.9.2: AP 6522E, AP 6562E, AP 7502E, AP 7522E. WiNG Express controllers are not supported with WiNG 5.9.2. WiNG Enterprise controllers running WiNG 5.9.2 can be used to upgrade and manage supported Express APs as well as Enterprise APs on the same network. AP 6511E, AP 6521E are out of support and can’t be upgraded to WiNG 5.9.2.
So you would only have to change the controller perhaps.

Hope that helps,

Hello Tomasz The modelo of wing express AP is AP6521E