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Cannot reset AP-310e to factory defaults

Cannot reset AP-310e to factory defaults

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An AP-310e was purchased and successfully configured. A wireless mobile scanner could print to a wireless printer through the AP, however, after 24 hours, the scanner and printer appeared to be disconnected from the AP. Repeated tests had the same results. To work on the issue, the AP, scanner and printer were moved to a different location where the network address was different. The scanner and printer had their addresses changed to the new network and operated normally. When the AP address was changed and the AP reboot, all connections to the AP were lost.

* There was no response to a ping of the new address.

* The Discover Tool could not detect the AP.

* Wing-Man could not connect to the AP.

The address was changed from to in vlan1 under the IPv4 tab. Nothing else was changed.

Path: Configuration> Profiles> Interface> Virtual-Interfaces> vlan1

Restoring the factory defaults was the next action to take. There is a pinhole on the AP for use in resetting the AP to its factory defaults. The AP does not respond to it, regardless how long the button is pressed in - 5, 10, 15, 20 or more seconds; and does not respond whether the button is press in and held in before the power is turned on or after the AP is fully boot. Because of the no connection issue, resetting to factory defaults cannot be accomplished through the CLI method, Discover Tool method or the Wing-Man method.

What is the method for resetting the AP to its factory defaults that substitutes for the unresponsive pinhole button technique?

Has Extreme published instructions for the substitute method, assuming there is a substitute? The documentation I see for the AP-310e is a Quick Reference Guide, Installation Guide and a Data Sheet.

Thanks for any help.


Extreme Employee
Hello Larry,

You can console into the AP using baud rate (speed) 115200 and once at the login prompt use the following credentials:

Login as: reset
Password: FactoryDefault

The AP should boot up into default config. 

Instructions on same:


Christoph S.