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Configure Virtual controller

Configure Virtual controller

New Contributor
I have Wings 7502 Ap 14 number and i want configure Virtual controller in that please provid the document ... authentication we are going to use RADIUS with external NPS server .

Extreme Employee

Hello Muthu,
We don't have a virtual controller (VC) document for the APs. Basically, you take the AP you wish to have as the VC AP and configured it completely up. The other APs will pull the settings from the VC Configuration (LAN, WAN, Wireless, Security, Services and Management) upon adoption.

You want to test all WLANs and any features you have configured on the VC AP first, prior to bringing on the other APs. Once you have verified full connectivity, proceed to the Configuration/Basic screen on the VC AP and check mark the Virtual Controller box and hit apply.

Prior to bringing on the other APs, you need to ensure that the VC AP is setup to auto-upgrade the adopting APs. All APs must be running the same firmware version in order for VC feature to work as advertise.

Please use the following link to stage the VC to auto-upgrade the adopting APs.

Once all APs are adopted, running same firmware, and valid configuration from VC, you can access the VC UI and under Configuration/Access Points, this is where you can perform static IP overrides and AP name for each AP.

I hope this helps. If not, please have get a support case opened up with us. Thanks.

Hello muthu naganathan,
You should configure through CLI or with GUI if you have controller (NX, VX, RFS).
Without it you have to dig the equipment well, to troubleshoot the most common adoption and other problems.
I advice to have contract with service provider will do it for you.


Aviv Kedem

Extreme Employee
The configuration will differ depending on which UI you are running. Can you tell us if you are running Swift UI or Enterprise UI?

Also, please provide firmware version you're running & full model number of AP.