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Connection issues with Handheld MC90xx

Connection issues with Handheld MC90xx

New Contributor

We changed our WLAN infrastructure from HPE MSM to Extreme WiNG. As AP we use 7632 and 7662 and Firmware

With the MSM envionment the Handhelds were working well. POC environment with extreme was fine too. but now after the hole change we have big troubles withe these kind of clients. These clients are the importend one and should work very well.


at the moment we could not find the issue some office PCs (static clients, no or less moving) are working well, but the problem is before withe the MSM environment it was working. So the must be an configuration possibility to work again.

i will be happy to receave some hint for config on the extream envoronment also for hint at the handheld side. there it is an fusion driver installed.

Thank you for any hint!



New Contributor

than you for the fast replay!

I will check the link and after go to GTAC!

I will replay if i get som news


Valued Contributor II

Hi Markus,


As Chris said, if the issue is urgent don’t hesitate to call GTAC at earliest convenience.

If you wish to get some support here, we require more details - what kind of issues do you experience with them? Roaming issues? Connection issues?


Hope that helps,


Extreme Employee

This seems like a critical issue for you and is affecting production, if this is the case I would recommend opening a case with Extreme GTAC without delay.


But should you wish to, you can start here:


Thank you,



Christoph S.