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Differences between configure terminal & configure self

Differences between configure terminal & configure self

New Contributor
Who can explain me the differences between those Commandos.

New Contributor III
  • configure terminal simply enters into configuration mode
  • self enters into configuration mode AND takes you to the part of the configuration about the device itself.

Extreme Employee

Configure terminal simply gets you into the global editing section.

Configure self gets you into the device's 'override' section. Any commands/values you enter here will override the value that is configured in the device's global Profile (or anywhere in the global config section).
This device override section is where it's completely expected to enter a device hostname or the device's static IP address. Those are values that you wouldn't put into a Profile, right? Otherwise, every device that received that Profile would have the same hostname and static IP address.
Best practice though is to keep as much as possible in the main device global Profile...and only put things into the device override as-needed.