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Extreme Wireless 7562 AP

Extreme Wireless 7562 AP

New Contributor
What is the range (coverage distance ) of Extreme Wireless 7562 AP ?

Extreme Employee

This is a common question, but the wrong one to ask. The AP can blast a tremendous amount of power and be heard from a looooong distance but the clients will not be able to transmit with sufficient power to reach the AP with a significant signal.

Imagine you're in a stadium listening to a rock band. You'll hear perfectly the music and what the players sing, even if you're in the worst seat in the stadium, but they will not be able to hear a word you say...

To calculate the maximum coverage you need to determine which is the weakest client (in terms of transmission power) you want to support, and the minimum speed you want to support. The lowest the speed you allow, the farthest from the AP you can be. But remember that when one client transmits, the rest have to wait, so if you allow low speeds (like 1 Mbps) your wireless network wil drag.

Want an example of what a slow client can do to your network? check the Zootopia trailer ( starting at 0:18... (hint, Hooper= .11ac client, Sloth =.11b client)

Impressive explanation!


Extreme Employee
Hello Rock,

There are too many variables involved in trying to determine the range to an AP so this information is not readily available. A site survey will normally have to be done in such cases.

Thank you,

Christoph S.

New Contributor II
Internal or external Antenna? Always depends on environment and antenna. What data rate / signals you need and what client. It's not possible to say you can do like 50m, 200m or 500m.

We used it with high gain antennas with ZEBRA MDEs and a distance about 1.000 meters. But not sure if you can call this a WiFi connection, MCS 0.

I prefer to plan with a maximum distance of 100m between AP and client.