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Firmware for RFS4000

Firmware for RFS4000

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Does anyone have and is able to provide me with firmware for RFS400 version

I have two RFSs in an Active-Pasive cluster with this firmware version, but I need to add another one to the cluster, except that I have version on it. From what I've read, in order for the new member to be added to the cluster I need the same version on it as on the other RFS. Unfortunately I have no way to upgrade the existing cluster to a higher version. On the support site the firmware version is unfortunately no longer available.



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Here you can download some of the FW for RFS4000. RFS4000

Although, I would strongly recommned to use a more recent version than 5.8.1 (at least, which addressed the Krack vulnerability, better - last one to support the broadest range of legacy WING APs). If you have admin/superuser rights on RFS, you should be able to do that. But you at least need to have priviledge level to be able to add new cluster member. (probably network admin). If you have AP75xx series in the system, you would also need a FW for this platform, since it's not included in the RFS image. But I'm sure you know all this 🙂

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why do you think you can't update the Active/pasive Cluster?
This should not be a problem. 
Which  Version is on the other partition?
# show boot

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For all Extreme Network products the following procedure should be followed to download the firmware:

May we ask the reason behind adding a third member to the cluster since the only currently supported cluster configuration is Active/Standby (2 members only)?


Christoph S.

Yes, it was only after writing the post that I found the information that I can create a cluster with only two members.
I have one more question, is it possible to transfer a license from one RFS to another?