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How to configure Wing controller VX9000 with standalone AP 7502

How to configure Wing controller VX9000 with standalone AP 7502

New Contributor III

I have extreme wing 5.9v controller and access point 7502 with the license. our network is VLAN based network with different VLAN(Data, Voice, etc) for AP and controller.i have configured AP7502 with static IP and adapted to the controller.i have 4 SSIDs (admin, staff, guest, teachers) with different VLAN and IP address. I need to access the internet through what are the steps needed in the controller?

Niyas P

New Contributor III
Hi Chris,

I have configured both AP 7502 and controller VX9000 basic settings.AP successfully deployed to the controller. I have 4 SSIDs with separate VLAN, I need to access the internet through this SSIDs.what are the steps needed to get internet through created SSIDs?

Thank you

Extreme Employee
Assuming that you have everything setup properly on the controller and the AP's Profile is complete (all the various configuration settings have been setup), you need to then ensure that this 7502 Profile has actually been applied to the AP. This is normally done using the AutoProvisioning Policy. Or, you can manually specify which AP Profile an AP is assigned to. (In the GUI, this would be in the device's "Basic" section - under the label "Profile")

At that point, connected clients will be have their traffic tagged as they exit the 7502. From there, you need to have the 7502 properly connected with a switch (trunked, tagged VLANs, etc). From there, the VLAN traffic needs to be able to reach the default gateway, and ultimately the Internet connection.
So not sure where you are in this whole process.