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Improve airtime / recommended users per WiNG AP

Improve airtime / recommended users per WiNG AP


Is there any way to prioritize the air time on the Guest network and the corporate network in a same AP?

I have used the airtime fairness feature (enable by default), but I would like to know if I can customize something to improve response time (we use SAP).

Other question as to the number of concurrent users, is there any realistic number to distribute the APs?

Does AP7632 and 7532, per example? How many concurrent users does AP recommend? The total bandwidth (unicast traffic) that should pass is 30 Mbps.

What happened to the AP7632? After the last update ( this AP model gets better with each version.

We put 90 users in a single AP7632 running well. Unfortunately this version has a small detail: with SMART-RF enabled, set maximum power 23 dBm (being that we configured 12 or 14 dBm). We have already opened an open case in GTAC.

Only the fact that it has 90+ clients connected and with quality, has shown that Engineering is investing heavily in improvements/bugs corrections. I'm really happy about this AP now!

Extreme Employee

In addition to the "Low" classification on the Guest Network WLAN QoS Policy that you setup (from the screenshot), I would also modify the WLAN that is used for SAP and change the "Configure Non WMM Client Traffic Type" to "Low". This will ensure that any non-WMM devices that *also use* that same WLAN are also de-prioritized. This way, only WMM devices on that WLAN are prioritized.

If you wanted to go even further and make sure that ONLY the iPad devices had priority, you could create an IP firewall rule rule that re-marks traffic priority of non-iPAD WMM devices. 

@Chris Kelly ,

Good News! WMM is part of process, rework/good reuse of physical channels is premisse... but..

The problem of high latency of my enterprise/BYOD is in my application...

We use iPad Kioks with our application and Android app for BYOD.

In particular case of iPad, we have experienced 30~100ms with always-on screen. Rare cases, have 200ms.

iOS have Power Management and priorize wifi traffic only necessary. If app not have any optimizations for "always on traffic", the latency increase 10x. SAP is very sensitive.

I explained to our devloper to take action to improve this. I wished him good luck.

At now, i apply this for specific SSID for Guest.

Work? We wait... Collecting reponse times from iPad Kiosks....