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No raming

No raming

New Contributor

Hello ... Good afternoon ... I need help, I currently have a network composed of 5 AP6522, one of them configured as a virtual controller .... Within the same company in an external courtyard I have an AP Outdoor 6562 that publishes the same network that the other APs with the same credentials ... If I connect a Hand Held in the indoor part of the building the Hand Held connects without problem but when going outside it does not roam even if it is under the external AP ... the connection manually ..... Have you had any similar cases that you could solve?

Thank you.


Extreme Employee

If one of the AP6522 AP is the virtual controller then it is not adopting the AP6562 (it cannot) which begs the question “is the AP6562 a standalone AP?”

If so then is it in the same broadcast domain as the AP6522 APs?

Is it connected to the network via a layer 2 or 3 switch?

If you run the command ‘#show mint neighbors’, on the AP6562 does is see the rest of the AP and vice versa do the AP6522 see it. 

Are they all on the same firmware version

Do they have the same config?

If you disconnect the wireless client when standing under the AP6562, does it connect to said AP at this point?

When you say that even if standing under the AP6562 the wireless client does not roam. When this happens is the wireless client still connected to an AP6522 AP?

Christoph S.