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NX5500 with no AP310 default profile

NX5500 with no AP310 default profile

New Contributor

Hi Team,

      I've recently upgraded a clients NX5500 from ver to ver , with no problems.


They have multiple RF-Domains all with AP7532 wireless APS.

We run an individual AP profile for each RF-Domain.


They will soon be purchasing AP310 wireless APs.

If I perform show device-upgrade versions , I do have the correct firmware to support the AP310, AP410 and AP510 models.


Here's the problem:
I've noted that there are no default AP profiles for the newer AP310, AP410 and AP510 models.


Can I simply clone an existing AP model (AP7532) profile and substitute with the new model to create my own AP profiles?
eg profile ap310 SiteXX-ap310




Colin Kennedy

Network Engineer | Networks



Extreme Employee
Hello Colin,

Since this is a migration from 5.x to 7.x and these new APs did not exist back in 5.x, you will not see their default profiles once migrated (to 7.x), but you should be able to create them. Here's an article on same:

I hope this helps,

Christoph S.

That's great news.

I just needed confirmation that I can clone an existing profile and substitute the new matching model number (AP310)


Colin Kennedy

Network Engineer | Networks


New Contributor III

you don´t need the default profile.

the default profile is created automatically if it does not exist and an ap adopts.

excpet an other profile is configured and assigned through auto-provisioning policy for it.

cloing an ap7532-profile for ap310 is a little bit tricky.

best way is to generate a new ap310 profile, go to cli, copy the commands from ap7532 profile and paste it into
the new ap310 profile.