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Onboarding AP4000

Onboarding AP4000

New Contributor II

We have six AP4000 that we want to onboard as WiNG, so that we can manage them with our on prem ExtremeCloud IQ Controller (formally XCC). Four of the 6 APs are now configured in our on prem controller, but each one presented different challenges to get it there.

I onboarded them by entering their serial numbers in the interface to manage devices locally, and onboarding them as WiNG. Each time, the APs indicated that they are running Cloud IQ-Engine, and was not available in our on prem controller.

I have had some success with doing a factory reset on the APs, and deleting them from the XIQ inventory. However, they do not show up in the XIQ inventory consistently as a WiNG device after doing this. This inconsistency of onboarding, even when doing the same steps, concerns me. I have opened a ticket with GTAC, but I also want to reach out to the community. FYI, I have followed the advice from several Extreme KBs, but none of them seem to result in the desired state:

In the ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot interface, the status of the APs are not all the same. 

One of the 4 that are now manageable on prem indicates that it is managed by XIQ, the OS is Cloud IQ-Engine, uses a Pilot device license, and is managed. 

Another of the 4 APs we manage on prem shows it has never yet connected to the XIQ. This is one that I had deleted from the XIQ inventory, then onboarded again after it was connected to our on prem controller. 

Ideally, I would like to onboard them as WiNG, then connect to them to the network, and be able to manage them with our on prem controller, as per the KBs. Has anyone ran into this kind of issue, and had it resolved?




I have similar issues onboarding AP410C on our XIQ-Controller. The cloud onboarding (Deploy locally as Wing) is haphazard, 50% of the AP don't reboot as Wing.

They must be manually selected on XIQ, then Action > Change OS to Wing, cross fingers, repeat until all APs are deployed on the controller.

It takes hours to deploy few dozen APs.

New Contributor II

As it turns out, the datacenter that hosts our XIQ installation,, is having issues, and there is a ticket opened internally with GTAC to address them. This was determined during a long GTAC support session I had this afternoon. 

After I got off the support session, I ended up being able to have all 6 of our AP4000's boot to our XCC, but they do not all display properly in the XIQ. I guess is it a matter of Extreme resolving their datacenter issues.