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Power AP310 WING

Power AP310 WING

New Contributor III


I have the impression that there are still power problems on the latest firmware version. The AP310 indicates a maximum power of 2.4 GHZ at 32 mW and 50mW at 5 Ghz for the country code fr.
Strangely if I look at an AP7522 with the same firmware version the result for the AP310 is different... an idea ? 

I would like to sell AP3xx but I'm still afraid.


ap310-752888#show wireless regulatory device-type ap310i fr
  #  Channel Set Power(mW) Power (dBm) Placement      DFS          CAC(mins)
  1   1-13        32        15          Indoor    Not Required   0
  2   36-48       50        17          Indoor    Not Required   0
  3   52-64       50        17          Indoor    Required       1
  4   100-116     80        19          Indoor    Required       1
  5   120-128     80        19          Indoor    Required       1
  6   132-140     80        19          Indoor    Required       1
ap310-752888#show version
AP310 version
Copyright (c) 2004-2019 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.
Booted from primary
ap310-752888 uptime is 0 days, 00 hours 09 minutes
CPU is ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l), No. of CPUs 4
Base ethernet MAC address is 20-9E-F7-75-28-88
System serial number is 2022Y-16161
Model number is AP310i-WR
ap310-752888#show wireless radio
RADIO                RADIO-MAC             RF-MODE        STATE                  CHANNEL    POWER #CLIENT
ap310-752888:R1      20-9E-F7-54-D5-00 2.4GHz-wlan           On               11 (  smt) 12 ( 30)       0
ap310-752888:R2      20-9E-F7-54-D5-10   5GHz-wlan           On              44w (  smt) 14 ( 30)       1
Total number of radios displayed: 2
ap7522-02FE30>show wireless regulatory device-type ap310i fr
  #  Channel Set Power(mW) Power (dBm)    Placement          DFS         CAC(mins)
  1   1-13        100       20          Indoor/Outdoor   NA             NA
  2   36-48       200       23          Indoor           Not Required   0
ap7522-02FE30#show version
AP7522 version
Copyright (c) 2004-2019 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.
Booted from secondary
ap7522-02FE30 uptime is 0 days, 07 hours 44 minutes
CPU is ARMv7, No. of CPUs 2
Base ethernet MAC address is 74-67-F7-02-FE-30
System serial number is 15316522204621
Model number is AP-7522-67030-EU



New Contributor III


Thanks to Marek from GTAC support for the explanations. 


I must admit it is not too intuitive and it is confusing. Let me explain whole math behind.
The visible number in a CLI (i.e. show wireless radio) is a value before adding antenna gain, chain gain and possible MIMO gain. So basically a value leaving a chipset. All those things together (final radio transmition power) then cannot exceed maximum allowed power per regulations (20dBm).

So correct math in this case is like this:

12dBm visible output + 3dBm chain gain (radio is by default 2x2, so gain is 3dBm) + 5dBm antenna gain = 20dBm per maximum allowed by regulations. Meaning you cannot get over 12dBm visible output in 'show wireless radio', when using 2x2.

Regulatory table for AP310i is showing max 15dBm, which is a value for 1x1 radio. In case of using 2x2 (two chains used by default) are both radios using 12dBm per chain power and the final power is 15dBm. It is a reason, why regulatory table is showing 15 and why you see in CLI 12.



There was also the explanation in the last powerhour available on the dojo : 


show wireless regulatory device-type APxxx country-id” command

For the legacy APs

This command basically showing the information of the legacy CFT table (Channel Frequency Table).  The CFT table doesn’t have the information of “tx-chain numbers”, “antenna-type”, “antenna-gain” information, it only has the max EIRP power for each country/channel/placement/TPC combination.

For Extreme APs

The WiFi 6 APs (3xx/4xx/5xx) don’t use the legacy CFT table anymore, so the power/channel information is derived from the “Extreme Regulatory power table” which clearly defined the power values for each country/antenna-type/antenna-gain/channel/placement combination.

If the AP is an external antenna SKU, user will also need to give the antenna-type at the end of the command, eg “show wireless regulatory device-type AP3xx us ml-2452-apa2-01”


EIRP CALCULATION = TX Power + Antenna Gain + MIMO (Gain)

MIMO GAIN = 10*log(#of chains)


View solution in original post


New Contributor III

Hi sam, 

I have opened a case at the GTAC with no answer since Friday, September 11th . My access points are  well covered by a support contract… Case Number: 02242570

I don't see any trace of this bug in the new version is it fixed?


Thank you


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks very much Jonathan, that does help!

New Contributor

Hi Sam, we are facing the same issues using AP310i together with XCC version 5.06.03.

Have already two cases open in GTAC (#02207722 and #02247191)

Maybe this will help you for further investigation!

Best regards, Jonathan

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

We are always working on new firmware versions, but the more cases we have reporting a particular bug the more priority we can give to the bug fix. If you could open a case for this issue, that will help us raise the priority of a fix with engineering. 

New Contributor III

Hi Sam,

Do you know if the teams are working on a new firmware version ? If tomorrow I deploy this in a warehouse I doubt that 32 mW is enough to ensure a good WIFI coverage. For me this is an important bug! 

Do you have a feedback ? I can open a case  it's really necessary.