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Radio Settings - Transmit Power

Radio Settings - Transmit Power

New Contributor II

I need change the Transmit Power configuration in the 2,4 ghz radio only in 1 AP of all wireless domain
Actuality the transmit power profile configured is in SMART (0 to -20 dbm)... i want change static mode in one only ap maybe in -25 dbm... my questions is: if i change it don´t affect the signal of others AP?

Extreme Employee
Usually, the manufacturer will supply that in tech specs of the devices you are using, some you may have to hunt around for on the internet.
32 mW or 15dBm is what most laptops are doing, 13dBm is common for tablets, and around 11dBm for Smartphones. Our Balanced power setting on the ap's (found in AP properties) will deploy 13dBm on the radios for you by default.
Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks

Mismatched power settings, where the client can hear the AP well but the AP doesn't hear the client as well, typically modern AP's have such good receive sensitivity it's less likely to be an issue. Most likely result is a high rate of re-transmissions which if at a sufficiently high rate, would cause a loss of performance.

New Contributor III
Good Explanation

So when you say 15dbm for laptops , what if 8dbm is the max ?

What kind of issues we might observe !

New Contributor
Hi Doug, how do you generally go about determining what that value is? Is there a report showing what client Tx power is? And would I select the client with the highest value and use that?