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RADIUS vendor-specific attributes (VSA) for RSSI

RADIUS vendor-specific attributes (VSA) for RSSI

New Contributor III
I am using WiNG 5.9.2 on a pair of VX9000s. I am wondering if Extreme Networks has a RADIUS vendor-specific attribute for RSSI. I know other vendors do; Ruckus does, for example.

I did find the 'RADIUS Attributes' documentation here -- -- and I don't see any mention of an RSSI vendor-specific attribute. It is still branded as Zebra and is from 2015, so I'm hoping it is out-of-date and maybe missing some new things.

If there currently is no RADIUS vendor-specific attribute for RSSI, how can I request one?


Extreme Employee
Max, you're correct in that there is not currently a VSA for RSSI value (checked the most recent version of the document I know of, from Oct 2017). Sorry.
If you'd like to make a request for this addition, I'd recommend contacting GTAC to make the official request.

New Contributor III
Thanks Chris. I'll open a case and see what they say!